Being a Locum

The Locum lifestyle

No matter what stage you’re at in your career, locum work can be a great option if you like freedom and flexibility. There are many benefits to choosing the locum lifestyle and you can choose to do it for a short ‘fill in’ period or over many months or years.

Locum dental staff usually get paid higher rates than those on permanent contracts, but locuming also gives you the control to adjust the amount you earn per month depending on your financial needs. If you are approaching retirement or are just looking for a slower, more relaxed pace of life then becoming a locum will help you maintain your skills and knowledge without giving you the pressures of having to work a standard 40 hour week. Locuming also works well if you undertake voluntary work, have young children or provide care for a family member. You can plan when you’ll be available around these existing commitments.

A broader perspective

Working environments across dental practices can be very different and being a locum allows you to get perspective on a wide range of them. You might find that you prefer the atmosphere in a large established group of dental practices. Perhaps a smaller community practice better suits you – most dental professionals don’t get to see both sides.

Build your experience

Many dentists end up falling into a specialisation and then remaining there simply because of the forward momentum that comes with having a busy career. This doesn’t give people time to think or the opportunity to try different dental specialisms and assess whether they are making the right choices. Locuming offers the opportunity to experience a range of specialities so that you can make an informed decision on how to progress with your career. That is why locuming is particularly beneficial if you have recently qualified or graduated as a dentist.

Fill the gaps

Locuming allows you to gain skills and experience so you can avoid a break in the continuity of your work that might put a future employer off. You can also use the locum work to create a CV that is tailored towards a permanent role you want but don’t yet have the experience for.

And finally, you will never be short of work as a locum. We have new opportunities coming in every day. Send us your cv using this form and we’ll give you a call.


Locum Dental Nurse

If you’re looking for a work-life balance, why not consider becoming a locum dental nurse.

Hygiene & Therapy

Locum Hygienists & Therapists

Locum work can be an incredibly useful option and be undertaken for a variety of reasons.


Locum Dentist

You will have to be an outstanding, enthusiastic and confident individual to be a locum dentist.