Locum Dental Nurse

The flexibility to work when you want to

A different way of working

If you’re looking for a work-life balance that suits you, then you might want to consider becoming a locum nurse.

As a qualified GDC registered dental nurse, you’ll have a great opportunity to find a pattern of work that suits you. In care professions like dental nursing, it is common to have people working traditional 9-5 contracts, full time, part time, split shifts, condensed hours, weekend work or on temporary contracts. The latter is commonly referred to as locuming.

Locum work is ad-hoc and flexible. While there are no guarantees of work there is also no commitment from you to work. So, whether you make yourself available 1 day in every 6 months or 7 days a week, every week, you’re more in control of your work life.

Locuming works really well for those who are studying, have part time work or have a family or social commitment to work around. It is also great for nurses between jobs or who have relocated to a new area. You will never have two days the same, you will always be working in new practices with new clinicians, teams and patients.

This is great as it builds your confidence and your abilities. You will develop strong interpersonal skills and gain valuable experiences. Gone will be the days of living for the weekend and being demoralised when you’re put with the ‘grumpy clinician’. As a locum, every day will be interesting and provide a new challenge and new people to engage with to make their and your day better. You will also have your favourite practices; places that you love returning. You’re in control of this and will soon learn that a lot of the joy is in the variety.

Becoming a locum

Crowns started life as a dedicated locum agency. It’s what we do best and we’ve been serving dental practices across the north of England for over 15 years. When you join Crowns, you’ll become an employee. There is no need for you to find an accountant, submit a tax return or have to chase late or none payers. You’ll will be entitled to all your statutory rights, maternity and sick pay, be paid weekly, get holiday pay and be enrolled into a pension scheme.

Scrubs and either GVS or stealth facemasks, fitted, are provided too.

Finally, and very importantly, all recruitment agencies (including Crowns) are regulated by the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate (EAS). This provides you with further confidence and trust in the work we do and the way we operate. It also gives you a regulatory body to refer to should you ever feel we’ve fallen below our high standards.

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Locum Dental Nurse

If you’re looking for a work-life balance, why not consider becoming a locum dental nurse.

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